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OCTOBER 1, 2022


The Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) is a modified benefit formula that can reduce the size of your Social Security retirement. Think of it as a penalty for double-dipping against those individuals who have earnings and pensions outside the Social Security system, (teachers, police, firefighters…) but who also worked in jobs and paid into Social Security. Two bills, the Social Security Fairness Act (S. 1302/H.R. 82) and the Social Security 2100 Act (S. 3071/H.R.5723) are making their way through Capitol Hill and are aimed at repealing the Windfall Elimination Provision. For more information you can click here, or here. More information will be going to your reps as it becomes available.


Costing is a preliminary step in negotiations. Both sides sit down to determine what a 1% raise for employees would cost, or what the new insurance rates are projected to look like, or what funding the district can expect - or not expect from the state. Costing was the main focus of the latest session.  Other items currently on the table are Article 11 – Hours and ELOP (Expanded Learning Opportunities Program).


A new year has started.  The MCDs have been finalized and the ADA has been pegged at 11,807.  Staff continues to grow. This year, a large portion of the new hires were SPED; RSPs, SDCs and SLPs. The SSTs must have worked overtime to draw up the necessary IEPs.  There were changes in the overall LCAP with just a few tweaks coming from C&I.  There is some latitude given to sites regarding SEL.  BMMS and MVMS will be following different schedules while some middle schools are going to try incorporating WIN into their SEL program.  Since WIN is new, we can probably expect some help from RCOE.  RCOE may also help with the roll out of ELOP.  HCMS will continue to house the DLP or is it the VLP program, and ERE will remain home to Pre-K. TKs will still be spread across the district. If trends continue, PBIS will continue to morph into MTSS. Next year, KNMS will come online and the MCDs most likely effected by this will be MVMS and HCMS. For translation you can check out the glossary by clicking here, or the school directory by clicking here.


Currently, with 600 certificated staff, we are looking to form a Membership Committee tasked with making sure all paperwork is current as well as answering member questions regarding available benefits. No experience necessary. In addition, we are in need of an elections chair and an elections committee. Interested persons should please contact Association Vice President Lee Eddy by clicking here.


The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that teachers in Pennsylvania will no longer have to take a standardized test to prove basic competencies in reading, writing or math before being granted a teaching position. The move comes amid a sharp decline in the number of students completing teacher education programs in Pennsylvania. In 2019-20, just 5,553 people completed the programs, down 53% from 2011-12, and the number of in-state graduates who then go on to get their certification is even more startling: There were just 5,440 in 2020-21, according to state Education Department data, down from 15,031 a decade earlier.


Any teacher has the right to request a representative for a meeting of an investigatory nature.  This could be compared asking for an attorney when being questioned by law enforcement under your Miranda rights. However, your administrator is under no obligation to inform you of your right to have representation during questioning. Furthermore, the employee being questioned must be the one to request representation. Third parties, such as your building rep cannot make the request on your behalf.  Under these situations, it is always best to have a rep as a witness and a recorder of what has transpired during the meeting.

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