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The following is an outline of important dates.  For specific wording refer to the contract which can be found here. For any additional questions or clarification please contact your site representative.


January 10

The District shall deliver to the Association President a complete roster of all bargaining Unit Members:

January 15

Negotiations concerning the calendar shall be open on or before January 15 of each school year unless the parties have previously agreed to a multi-year calendar. 

January 31

Unit Members must submit a letter of resignation and retirement notice by to be effective on or before June 30 of the same calendar year.

January 31

All Unit Members on a leave of absence will be contacted regarding their leave status for the coming year no later than the last workday in January.


Assignment Preference Forms shall be distributed to Unit Members by their direct supervisor no later than the Friday of the second week of February.


All Job Share applications shall be submitted to Personnel Services no later than the Friday of the second week of February. 


All Job Share applicants shall be notified whether or not their applications are granted for the coming school year no later than the last workday in February.

March 1

Members on a leave of absence shall notify the Assistant Superintendent of Personnel in writing of his/her intent to return/resign by March 1st of the year in which the leave of absence is granted. 


Tentative assignments for classroom teachers shall be given no later than the first work day in March.

March 15

A written plan/application for job sharing shall be presented to the District for approval on or before March 15th.

April 15

Job share applicants shall be notified by April 15 if their application was granted for the following school year.


Tentative master schedules shall be shared with Unit Members on or before the Friday prior to the last two weeks of school.


A Notice of Interest email from Personnel Services shall be sent out via email. Anyone considering a transfer shall submit a Certificated Transfer Request Form to Personnel Services.  When a position opens corresponding Certificated Transfer Request Form become(s) available, The member will be notified, by Personnel Services. Any Unit Member that is qualified for the position and accepts an interview shall be granted one.

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