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If you were impacted by any natural disasters; fires, floods, earthquakes, grants are available from $500 to $1,500 from CTA. The grants are for members under financial or emotional stress caused by dislocation due to a natural disaster. The link to the Grant application forms can be found under documents, or by clicking here.


By now, you are probably aware that Bell Mountain Middle School and Callie Kirkpatrick Elementary went through a three hour lockdown because of a threat posted on social media. Twenty officers descended on the two sites to ensure the safety of students and staff. The police also determined and arrested the perpetrator. This may be a good time to remind your students that any pranks - like pulling fire alarms, calling in bomb scares, or making threats – as harmless as they may seem, could lead to severe consequences.


If it seems that negotiations are an endless cycle, it is because that is exactly what they are. Last week both sides Sunshined (exchanged lists of priorities for negotiations) which included Hours, Evaluations, Salary, Special Education, and Class Size, and Employee Benefits, which included an increasing the CAP and retiree benefits. The next negotiation session is scheduled for September 15.


Currently, with 567 certificated staff, we are looking to form a Membership Committee tasked with making sure all paperwork is current as well as answering member questions regarding available benefits. Interested persons should please MTA Vice President Lee Eddy at Vice at


According to the Arizona Capitol Times, Arizona ranks 50th in teachers’ salaries. This may account for the fact that schools were able to fill fewer than one out of every five vacancies they had for this school year. And 55% of those they did manage to fill were with people who are not actually certified educators.


Thanks to social media, there is a very thin line between your social life and your professional life.  Be very conscious and very careful about what you post on your social media accounts.

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