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The purpose of this section is to give general answers to the most frequently asked questions.  For specifics, refer to the current contact which can be found by clicking here, or see your Site Representative.

How many leave days am I given each year?

You are allotted ten days of leave each year.  Days not used can be carried over to the following year.  These days can be taken for Sick Leave (SL), Personal Necessity (PN), Personal Business (PB) or Kin Care (KC).

What is the difference between Personal Necessity and Personal Business?

Personal Necessity is to take care of important personal business that cannot be attended to before of after school. You must get prior approval.  A maximum of seven (7) days for Personal Necessity may be granted in any given year. Of the seven Personal Necessity days, four (4) can be used as Personal Business for which a reason does not have to be stated.

Are there restrictions on when I can take my allotted days?

The personal business days shall not be granted on  professional development day, during benchmark/state testing days, mandatory prep day. or during the first two days of student attendance in a new school year.

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